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Tired of repeating the cycle of waxing, shaving and plucking?

These daily rituals are not only inconvenient but can damage your skin in the process. After each session of Laser Hair Removal, you can expect that all the hair will fall out with 10% being permanently removed each visit! Most people require 6-10 treatments to get the best result.

By using a single, gentle beam of light into the hair follicle, the pigment in your hair is absorbed and this seals off the supply of nutrients in the hair follicle. T in turn prevents treated hair from ever growing back. Hairs that are in the Anagen Phase (full adult hair that is visible above the surface but connected to the follicle) are the hairs that are permanently removed, about 10% of your hairs will be in this phase each session!

Our Laser

At Bayside Skin and Laser we use the Candela GentleMax; a dual wavelength laser that combines 755nm Alexandrite Laser with an equally powerful 1064nm YAG laser. 

Laser Hair Removal Prices:
Lip $30
Lip & Chin $40
Sides of Face $65
Full Face $80
Neck $40
Cheeks & Neck $65

Underarms $40
Brazilian $80
Male Brazilian $120
Brazilian & Underarms $90
Male Brazilian & Buttocks $180
1/4 Arms $90
1/2 Arms $110

Chest $80
Stomach $120
Chest & Stomach $120
Back $150
Shoulders $80
Back & Shoulders $200
Sides of Back $120

1/4 Legs $90
1/2 Legs $150
Full Legs $200
1/2 Legs, Brazilian & U/A $220
Full Legs, Brazilian & U/A $280

FULL BODY $400**
Small ADD ON areas (can only be redeemed as an add on with another laser service) $20
Shaving Fee $20


Purchase 3 treatments of the same area and save 10%

Purchase 6 treatments of the same area and save 15%

Purchase 10+ treatments of the same area and save 20%

**Excludes Add-Ons and Full Body